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Why We Need Highly Trained Salespeople


In today’s fast moving world, many skills are being lost or overlooked.  This is especially the case with Salespeople.

From basic poor interpersonal and communication skills to human dynamic selling skills needed by salespeople to successfully present and close business deals in their quest for new business.

Many sales skills have been lost, through a dependency on “Hi-Tech”communication mediums, such as “Texting”and “Voicemails,” as opposed to “Face to Face” selling or personal communication, through the medium of a telephone call.

Sales Skills

Furthermore, young people are becoming extremely dependent on using social networking sites such as “Face-Book” and “Twitter” to communicate.  The abbreviated forms of the English language, the younger generation use to communicate with their peers, are a cause for concern. 

The overuses of “Like” and “So” in their conversations for example, has made it difficult for them to literate a presentation or convincingly perform an oral delivery.

As competition in business increases, often, due to the narrowing of margins, caused by “Ön-line” comparative buying. 

The need for highly trained and successful sales teams is now more important than ever.  

The trend towards personal “On-Line” buying, has unconsciously established the psychological conditioning of many decision makers to loose focus in the decision process by not wisely considering all the features and benefits of many products and services, due to the impulsive buying opportunities created by “On-Line” activity over the “Internet”.

Only a thorough presentation delivered by a well trained salesperson will overcome this purchasing barrier through “Face to Face” selling, allowing for a “Transference of Feeling” about your product or service to convince prospects to buy your products or services at the right price, enabling businesses to maintain the margins they need.

Whilst the “Internet” and on-line information gathering may well be helpful, it may not be convincing and relies on the wilful interpretation of the enquirer to often measure advertising propaganda to determine fact from fiction.

Successful Sales Teams
Sales Expert

Another valid reason, to choose Alan R Hawes & Associates Pty Ltd.

Firstly, you will get a great deal!!!---Real Rewards for your astute Investment.

That’s right.  Your investment to use Alan R Hawes & Associates will increase your new business growth dramatically, thereby increasing both revenue and profit to meet your budget forecasts.
You will be using your own personnel in a more effective strategy, providing them with the valuable knowledge and tools to enhance their personal capabilities and worth, whilst your organisation readily achieves the sales targets and budgets you so much desire in these fiercely competitive times.

Your business will now be embarking on a new culture of profitable growth with increased cash flow and market share.
Just imagine what your business will now be worth through your wise decision.


Please, will you call me and allow me to help and coach your team to win more business?
Act Now and Make Those Sales

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