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Sales Executives, Sales Managers & Support Staff

Salesmanship requires people who have strong self-belief, confidence, dedication, determination and discipline along with personal motivation, a competitive spirit and who are “Reward and Target” oriented.

They must also have an engaging personality, excellent interpersonal skills and value integrity, honesty and the opinions of others.
We take great pride in our ability to find and select only those people who have an admirable talent to succeed in selling your products or services and who are ideally suited to particular industries.


All of our recruits are required to complete our intensive three day training course “The Sales Equation,” and must attain a minimum assessment and pass of an Intermediate Grading and are expected to continue with further training to reach an Advanced Grade.
We also utilise “Psychological Testing” to ensure our candidates can adapt to change easily, are competitive by nature and have excellent interpersonal skills.

When you choose one of our applicants, all you are required to do, is to provide them with a thorough induction into your business, so as to understand fully the products or services that you wish them to sell.

If you want Salespeople “Who Can Sell” then contact Alan on the Link below..............

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